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Among the Sloanes and Russian businessmen who pack the club, I am surprised to spot England cricketer Kevin Pietersen drinking shots with his agent. Then, after years of living in fear, he was gunned down in cold blood 'Website VS reality! After the death of the Count, the embassy's guards closed the building to the public. Around the year BBY , he was stationed on the planet Ord Mantell , where he served at Fort Garnik on the island of Avilatan during the Republic's war with a group of separatists. Can this place really be as decadent as it is billed, I wonder, as I arrive outside The Box, or is it just over-excited hype? Edward Main is a freelance writer covering all things Connecticut, with a strong focus on Hartford area tourism, entertainment, culture and events. Taken to GA by Coruscantfan on November 6,

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Luv Boutique (formerly Erotic Empire)

The dancers also alleged that women with darker skin were generally not hired, and if they were hired, they would be relegated to less lucrative day shifts, when Drakopoulos was not there. The facility, which was built into an asteroid , was abandoned until the year BBY , when the Sith Valis attempted to capture the Jedi Padawan Kira Carsen at the facility and was defeated by Carsen and her Master. Taken to GA by Coruscantfan on November 6, Retired seamstress, 85, brutally beaten to We just took down Salarr. Once inside, there is little at first to distinguish The Box from many other West End nightspots. Under Sadow's control, Gynt resurfaced on Coruscant several years later and was slain by Ovair in open combat.

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Staff will reveal only that the room is used as a private area for the most open-minded clients. The Jedi 's goal was to retrieve the Planet Prison , a Republic superweapon that had been stolen by the scientists on the project at the behest of their leader, Doctor Tarnis. Several Mark I Power Guards were left to defend the Power Guard Cybernetics Lab after Sadic moved the program elsewhere, though they were no match for a young Jedi Knight who arrived not long afterward. Your readers will thank you. The men are foppish, well-spoken and clad in designer suits.
However, the Jedi Master Ven Zallow tracked down Shafu and convinced him to change his ways, leading the Rodian to become Zallow's undercover agent in the criminal underworld. Taken to GA by Coruscantfan on March 26, Sometime later, the Sith Pureblood Sechel mentioned Ressa's husband in a story about the holoprojection that he told to the Sith Lord Scourge. Camron Golphin alleged in a suit filed in Bronx Supreme Court that he was slashed in the face at a St. My probe droid wound up disintegrated.

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Anais is gorgeous!

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i've always been attracted to the concept of being falsely, wrongly convicted and sentenced the way this girl was so i liked it...alot! ;)

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