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It's pretty close to how I feel. There's also the "you go first" effect. Also, all three have a more or less steady output, which helps build fidelity in the fan-base! I thought I'd finished it, but when I got into class there was a discussion of plot points I'd never heard of -- so I flipped through the book and found there were at least 50 pages I simply hadn't read. I forgot to address this, which also doesn't match my experience at all. I'm not dissing those who think that sounds like just their cup of tea, but I can't imagine who they might be. Sure, you could assign a gender to Niven and Pournelle.


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You wouldn't say that it addresses themes of failure and loss? I should also mention that of the books in that list I've read, I actually liked and admired 3 or 4 of them, and consider another half dozen or so worth reading if you're studying the history and artistic techniques of literature. I married shortly thereafter and that was the end of my going to shows. Litfic emphasizes the mechanics of prose--it values experimentation and creativity in terms of style. I'm suspecting in all of this that the whole notion of litfic has become a little antique in about the same way that the contents of the "gourmet" section of the supermarket forty years ago no longer corresponds to the tastes of actual foodies.

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There is a systematic bias in academia towards certain writers, certain themes, certain literary approaches. Mark my words, Riley Nevada, you will live to curse the day you offended the king of the Eagle folk! Le Guin begins to be noticed academically not with Left Hand , but the next major book The Dispossessed ; at least, that's the way I remember things. So, on one side, dumb criteria for not reading books refusing to read anything with a female writer, or anything whose ISBN ends with an even number doesn't keep you from having a lifetime's worth of good things to read. My university didn't have a similar course, but they certainly exist. By the way, if American bookshops have 'Literature' shelves, there seems to be a difference between American and Briths attitudes here.
But what I saw was a lot of, "and by the way, genre work is also omitted, for instance [male author], [male author], and [female author]". Likewise, one trusts that the Berlitz Publishing Company is made up of people, but it's clear that we shouldn't assign a gender, age, or vital status to that entity. By way of comparison, among Pulitzer prizewinners in fiction, I got 17 women and 37 men running back to , so if our discussions reflected this ratio, we'd see about a 2: There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. You wouldn't describe As I Lay Dying as involving experimental prose? I have a soft spot for that trope as well, ever since reading A Little Princess in second grade.

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